Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Borderlands Preview

Yesterday I picked up the game I've been more excited for then any this year, Borderlands. I first got wind of the game when PC Gamer had it featured on the cover of one of their issues. I hadn't heard anything about this game up until the point, but what I read got me excited. An FPS/RPG hyrbid? That sounds like a match made in heaven, especially for me. Two of my favorite gaming genres in one? I was sold.

As soon as I got home I got an hour or so to play the game and got a little bit more time after a haircut I had later that night. Thus far, I'm in the middle of level 6. I'm not too far into the game, but I'm loving it already. I opening credits alone made me fall in love.

It plays like a movie. I'm typically one to press start, B, X, whatever as many times as possibly to get through any sort of cut scene or cinematic because I just want to play, but this...I just sat and watched, enjoyed and got even more excited to play. Once I got into playing, the art style and music alone makes me love the game. Some of the music and the general atmosphere and setting of the game reminds me a bit of Firefly and I loved the music from Firefly.

The game play thus far is great. I'm still adjusting to playing an FPS on a gamepad and part of me wishes I would have purchased this for PC, but that would have meant I wouldn't be able to play co-op with friends. I decided when I started to play through the SP a bit just to get a hang of it. Six levels in and I've already found a few green and blue items (hello, WoW!). I haven't even tried co-op at this point, so I don't really have anything to report on in that end. I hope to get a decent play through on SP as well as get some co-op experience and then write out a full review.

I'm barely into the game and I can already tell that this just might be my game of the year.

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