Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MAG Beta - Second Impressions

I figured after writing about the MAG beta yesterday that I would give it another go around when I got home from work. I did just that and so begins my second impressions of the MAG beta.

The first thing that happened when I booted up was that there was an update. It only makes me feel like the beta is going to be at least a little longer which will be enough to either sell me or discourage me from buying the retail disc come January 26th. The only problem with that date is that it conflicts with the launch of Mass Effect 2 and you can be sure that nothing is going to detract my attention from the greatest game of all time (in case you were wondering, that game will be Mass Effect 2) but I have digressed enough. I would like to pick up another game with such a permanent multiplayer (similar to that of Modern Warfare 2) around the same time and I see no reason as to why that game could not be MAG. I am sure I could keep MW2 as my staple multiplayer game until Bad Company 2 but... oh there I go again.

The first thing I noticed was that the game seemed to be running much smoother - either that or I became used to the game's "running rate" - and I was still on the attacking side (for both matches that I played). I think that I was playing the game like it should be played but the teams that I was working with just did not have their acts together. The second match I played was the closest one that I had been in but we still did not have what it took. It is definitely one of those games where you need a headset and I am at the unfortunate disadvantage of not having one.

I do wonder what it would be like to be on the defending side of things but I suppose I might have to win a match first (I do not honestly believe that though).

In case you wanted to know, at some point in the middle of this post I was trying hard to punch in a beta code for the Bad Company 2 beta to no avail. I will keep you updated on my exploits.

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