Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Microsoft Abandons LIVE for all Original XBOX Games

Be calm. No, Microsoft is not abandoning Xbox LIVE altogether. They are, however, abandoning the LIVE service for all Original Xbox games. This includes all Xbox Originals which I now feel was a test bed for having downloadable Xbox 360 titles.

For most this will not matter but there are sure to be a few folks that will feel personally slighted at Microsoft's decision to ditch the part of the LIVE service that they [Microsoft] imply is holding the 360 version back. Perhaps Microsoft will offer some free Xbox LIVE Gold Memberships to those "new" adopters of the 360. Only time will tell.

Could this mean that we will finally have a friends list that containing more than 100 slots for friends? Probably - but as I previously have stated, this is not something I am excited for. I am eager to see if any further changes to the LIVE service come to fruition. I believe that to abandon the service for all Original Xboxes we will have to see more than one oft requested feature.

What are your thoughts, speculations on how this will bring changes to the service?

 Posting this for Nate while he stuck in the hell that is grand jury duty! Damn the government for blocking Blogspot! Anyway, on with the post!

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