Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bioshock 2 (TBNTB - To Buy or Not To Buy)

While our faithful PC enthusiast Kara Walker has already sipped the Bioshock 2 Kool-Aid - as she already pre-ordered it on Steam - I, who was blown away by Bioshock (as were a few others), have been the everlasting skeptic when it comes to the game that is receiving middle to favorable reviews.

I feel that because Ken Levine (the mind behind the first iteration) was not really involved, and had no plans for a Bioshock 2, that it [Bioshock 2] is the bastard child that was never supposed to be. I was waiting for the reviews to be terrible but alas they are not - now I must play this game.

A few things that I remember reading from Metacritic (not quotes):

The return to Rapture is welcoming but the magic of first discovering Rapture is no longer there.

Problems with the first game (no specifics) are improved upon but where the first game had bright shining moments, the second installment is "just good" the whole way through.

The multiplayer is there, decent, but not necessary. It will be fun to play but it probably will not have any lasting value.

Your thoughts?

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