Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i'm being harassed.

at the current moment i am being harassed by cindy with pictures of "i'm in ur..." various pictures. do it just go to google images and type in, "i'm in ur and witness the horror of cute kitties stealing your internet.

on that note life as usual has been continuing on at a normal clip. i have been playing massive amounts of crackdown to which i completed the main campaign part of the game. at the moment i am just trying to max out my achievements in the game so i can finally get back to playing some more gears of war.

i assembled some furniture for mike and cin's mom today. that was tedious but it was alright despite my massive headache that a red bull could not cure. surprisingly the water and a shower did though.

gotta go take out the recycling and attempt to get some gaming in before south park comes on (not gonna happen).

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