Saturday, April 21, 2007

birthday unsurprize.

if am going to attempt to sleep i am going to need to dump my crap here before i do so. there are currently fifteen minutes left in my 22nd birthday and aside from these last few hours it shaped up to be another good one.
first though: the most overused question on one's birthday: how does it feel to be (insert age here)?
do people, including parents ask this because there is nothing better to ask or do they expect a new an inspired response that will seemingly blow them in to the next galaxy? no, i think not.
second: i meant to post this on my twitter but the most overused substance is not what one would consider a drug, it is, DUM DUM DUM: splenda.

so my birthday consisted of coming home from work last night at the very late hour of midnight only to be in a tiff with cindy who was actually asleep at the time (mind you this was all my fault so oh well). after i ended up waking her up she gave me some surprise birthday presents that are two complete graphic novels of jonen vasquez (invader zim). after seven hours of sleep we awoke and hung around till i went to work for a few hours. yes, i did indeed work on my birthday. after getting off of work cindy and i enjoyed a meal at cosi and went to see hot fuzz, but not before retrieving my forgotten comic at my job. the movie was great but what followed is the reason i suppose for this entry.

we were in virgin megastores only to browse some cds, video games, whatever. the ever controversial subject of my parents came up and bam!, i have not since spoken more than a few sentences and choice words to her since. i am currently sitting on this lovely hardwood floor typing as lightly as i can while cindy is what i am assume is attempting to snooze. from what i actually piece together from nothing is that i had no choice in this silence i just chose to actually go with it. i can not even be angry because i do not know how or do not want to know how to be angry about nothing.

living forever in spite is only for the truly wise or the truly stupid.

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