Saturday, April 14, 2007

nostalgia or something else?

last night i spent my evening with harry, kim and cindy. we saw the aqua teens movie and slept over. it was an incredibly good time and the movie was as funny as it was random. see it if you like the show, simple as that. the part of my morning that had me wanting to write this entry was after the pancakes we had for breakfast. breakfast was a good enough time that involved arguments over butter and who made better pancakes. naturally: the champion of all pancakes, me, won. so back to when i felt weird... i was putting my cell, sidekick, wallet and keys back into my pockets and i just stumbled on the thought process of feeling as though i were someone in a band on tour. i felt as if i were a guest but in a place where i slept for almost two months. it was interesting enough and i can definitely attest to the fact that i had no idea why i was feeling like that. but for now as usual everything is all good and cindy and i are on our way back to the apartment to shower up and such in case we feel like heading out to the city to hang around with the gang some more.
okay, so this entry feels a little scattered but it is just a recap of good night melted into a good day. and yes as usual i am feeling a little nostalgic and a little sad but it is an oxymoronic happy sad.

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