Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Its Final Stretch of PR, Batman: Arkham Asylum has me Interested

I think every comic book geek (of which I am not as much as I claim to be (Umbrella Academy FTW)) has been looking forward to this game for much longer than I but this trailer is the first time I have even bothered to look at the game.

Despite everyone raving at how amazing the game is coming along I have just been skeptical because it is so rare that I like a game based on comic books (usually because they are based on movies). The last one that I can remember liking was Marvel Ultimate Alliance (of which the sequel I have not yet looked into either) and I did not even get to finish that game.

But more about Batman: Arkham Asylum:

Just from this little demo or "challenge level" I know that I will be playing and probably buying the game. It looks fantastic, the controls look tight, it looks like it is fun to play, and most of all it looks as though this is what it would feel like to BE BATMAN. The game looks crisp and gritty and if the story is as any bit good as this one "challenge level" 'looks' then I am sure that this will be the best Batman game ever. Rocksteady, which is apparently the name of the developer the developer, has officially piqued my interest.

For those who know more about this game than myself, what are you looking forward to about this game? Is anyone remaining skeptical? I know I am not.

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