Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Assassin's Creed 2 Teaser

Most people who frequent this blog know that, as far as updates go, Nate is the one who posts the news. When I, your most humble Matthew, post, this means that I am posting a review, which I don't do often due to the lack of games I am playing. For instance, right now I am playing Mega Man. From 1987. Just a tad retro to warrant a review, don't you think? That and the fact I can't beat Fireman, and I don't review a game unless I've beaten it. So there you go.

However, this morning as I was shifting through news, I came across something that got me so excited that I had to undermine Nate's authority and post this as news myself. We're getting a lot of news these days as far as sequel's go, and a sequel that I am highly anticipating has finally (to me, anyway) been confirmed for having a release date sooner rather than later. That game is Assassin's Creed 2.

If the embedded video above does not work, feel free to click here to watch the teaser in a new window. The teaser does not give much away other than Leonardo DaVinci will play a role in the events of the sequel. This doesn't overly surprise me. DaVinci has become more popular in recent years thanks to Dan Brown's addictive novel The DaVinci Code (I loved the book but didn't much care for the movie). This new game will clearly take place in Rome then, and I just can not wait to get back into Altair's sneaky shows and hop around rooftops. I remember when I first beat Assassin's Creed and it became so clear that there would be a sequel, I immediately hopped online and researched everything I could about all of the conspiracies "discussed" at the end of the game. Needless to say, Assassin's Creed has been put back into my "Games I Need To Play Again" list, just under Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5.

An amusing little ... I'm not sure the most appropriate word, but I suppose "incident" will do (or even coincidence) occurs in the nature of which I came to enjoy Assassin's Creed. When I first got my 360, I didn't have many games. All that I had was Halo 3 and Bioshock. However, for the holidays that year, I received Assassin's Creed as a gift from Nate, even though my interest in it was mild. When I started playing it, though, I got pretty addicted, and started making my friends play it too. This is only amusing to me, however, because I later told Nate about how much I was enjoying Mass Effect, and he went and got it and now he likes that more than I do. Is that amusing to anyone else? The quirky natures of the modern day video gamers? Not really? Ok.

I look forward to next Thursday (April 14th) to see what else is coming from the world of AC. I only know that something will happen because if you go to the official website, after the trailer there is some scribblings above where the video was. It's pretty easy to see that it's just a mirror image with a date. But golly gee, I just can't wait to hook myself back up to the ANIMUS.

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