Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bioware's Twitter hints at more ME1 DLC (finally)

If you did not know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Mass Effect by now (I just beat the game for a fourth time yesterday and already started a new character) then you:

  1. Don't care.
  2. Don't really read this blog or more specifically Mass Effect posts.
  3. You are a new reader.
So naturally when some nameless company mentions on Twitter that a Mass Effect DLC announcement could be forthcoming in the next week I might be inclined to be excited. I was going to save another playthrough for later this year but it looks as though it might be coming later this week.

This is really a long rumored piece of content and I really hope it is worth all of the hype (does anyone remember when Bioware added a planet to KOTOR as DLC but never did anything with it, well this is feeling the same way). If it is this fight club thing that has been talking about, I do not know how I will feel about it. I do think that I will probably end up being disappointed but in the end I'll just have another excuse to play Mass Effect again sooner - which for me is never a bad thing.

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