Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MASS EFFECT GALAXY comes to iPhone... right now!

So as far as I know there was no release date for this game and if there was I missed it but it is here regardless and that fateful game is Mass Effect Galaxy for iPhone and iPod touch. It cost five dollars (that I will not have until Friday... at least I think so) and I want it now. Sorry for the lack of tack in this post but I was just enjoying myself playing Ghostbusters (and passing 20,000 gamerscore in the process) when I decided that it would be time for a break. I clicked on over to my TweetDeck window and... BAM... there it was. Now I must have it. These are the days of announcing things on Twitter apparently... or at least for Bioware.

And apparently you can unlock something for Mass Effect 2 at the end...

Expect a review as soon as I get it/beat it.

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