Monday, June 22, 2009

Game Diary: June 22, 2009: Another Week

I promise you that the blog did not go anywhere. It is still here in grand fashion but I have not yet adjusted to my new work schedule so I have not been on my computer at all for the past week or so. The RSS feeds are stacking up and I need to find a way to catch up - pronto. This will be my third week with this schedule so with any fortitude on my part we should return to some semblance of a normal post schedule (at the very least one a day).

This week I - barely - worked on Mass Effect but I did finally manage to nab the Krogan and Sentinel Ally achievements which puts me at 955 (gamerscore) for the game so far. I am at the very end of the game so hopefully I can manage to nab the Assault Rifle Expert achievement. The reason I have not nabbed it earlier is because I was thinking that since I am not proficient in the weapon then why should I even try. Then someone at work told me that just because I am not proficient in it did not mean that I could not try for it. This is true apparently although I will not be that upset if I do not get the achievement on this playthrough.

The other game that I have been playing is Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Right before I started playing I prepped myself by watching the first movie for the gajillionth time. So far everything in the game feels so right from catching ghosts to the time relevant Doritos vending machines (the old bag, not the new ones). I plan on writing some sort of review when I finish so look out for that.


Kara said...

How is Ghostbusters? I think I might buy it when we get back from WA and I get paid again.

Nate said...

Ghostbusters is good. I'll have a review up by then so no worries.