Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Behemoth shows the world "Game 3" but is the world ready?

The Behemoth are known for their beautiful, hand drawn, and seductively funny games. This is the impression that one is given from this studio even though they only have two games on the market. These two amazing games are Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers. Both games released to critical and commercial success and now they are looking to do it again.

The game is currently going under the title - hopefully a working one - Game 3. There is nothing to say about the game's story, if there is one, at this moment but what we do have is this interview interjected with gameplay to better enlighten us on the specifics of this game.

It looks like the answer to all of the people who want Super Smash Bros. on the XBOX platform. Whist that is not necessarily a bad thing, it is not what I have come to expect from this studio. The hand-drawn characters look as cuddly and cute as ever but I am not sure if I will be a fan of the game if it does not add a story portion. I have never been that big a Smash Bros. fan so this will either make or break the beat em' up style of gameplay for me.

Please save this game for me Behemoth dudes.

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