Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Game Diary: July 28, 2009: What war are you in soldier? Edition (Battlefield: Bad Company and 1943)


"I'm here Sarge, in the pacific circa 1943!"

"AGAIN SARGENT!... we need you to help us take all of these flags on this... uh... golf course dammit!"

"But I am only a private over here and the planes are much more fun to fly."

Alright, enough lame dialogue... that is obviously not the profession I should be in.

I have been fighting some ill advised internal war on which Battlefield game that I should be playing at any given moment. I am trying to only play 1943 with friends (not working, it is too addictive) and I have been playing Bad Company at every other turn.

I love the guns and classes in Bad Company but the feel of 1943 is amazing and the Air Superiority game mode is tons of fun.

What I love most about the Battlefield games in general are the in game rewards. They keep you playing in between achievements and a lot of the time they have me not even thinking about the achievements. The longevity of the 1943 achievements, patches, postcards, etc. are nothing when compared to all of the same from BC.

This leads me to believe that there is going to be a lot more content to download in the future or that this will truly be an arcade version of the Battlefield series. Just so you know, I am severely doubting the later.

Last but not least... we (I) have this to look forward to.

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