Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick Xbox Preview Thoughts

Last night when I returned home from the bane of my existence that is my job I booted up the XBOX to play some BF 1943. I was greeted by an auto-update message basically telling me that I had been accepted into the XBOX update preview program.

The update actually took about three minutes (my connection was running really slow last night) which surprised me because for all intents and purposes the update is not big by any standard.

After browsing around for a while I ended up buying a Fable 2 shirt from the Avatar Marketplace (give me a break, it was green and adorable) and I had found that I had been an XBOX LIVE  gold subscriber (under a few different gamertags and I had also had XBL a separate time before that) for 5 years.

I also noticed that if I press the "X" button when a disc is in the tray, it will eject. This may have been there before but if not, it is a cool little addition that I will use in the future.

I did not yet get to play with Netflix parties or the revamped Netflix app so those thoughts will come later.

Seriously though, the Fable shirt is hella awesome (I'm pretty sure that is a Hobbe drawing on there).

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Anonymous said...

Nice. We can actually have a good conversation about it Sunday on the podcast.