Sunday, July 19, 2009

Star Wars: The Old Republic has caught my interest

A few months ago at the reveal of the Star Wars: The Old Republic announcement I thought to myself, "Oh cool - finally - but I am probably not going to get to play this because I will need a PC first. After watching the video below any notion that says that I cannot play this game was thrown out of the window. I need to be playing this game on day one and this is why:

I had watched one of the many aforementioned reveal trailers and thought that it looked amazing but until this video (above) I was not sold.

As it tends to go with the MMO environments the game does not look amazing (there is a lot to render of course, I get it) but the stylized artistic aspect makes up for any lack of graphical fidelity. The voice acting - the real big thing here - also puts this game on an entirely different scale.

I want to be part of this universe as I wanted to be part of it when I played the original KOTOR. The only thing that still irks me about MMO's [as a generality] is that if I kill that captain of the ship (in the video) someone else will be able to have him alive through their own storyline. Am I right?

Still I think that the game is going to be a lot of fun and I think that I am going to have to hit up Kara on her offer to help me build a gaming PC. You can count on hearing more from me about this game as soon as I find something else out.


Kara said...

I honestly don't know very much about this game since I'm really not big into Star Wars and lord knows I don't need another MMO in my life, but in terms of MMOs in general...

I'm not really sure what style of play this one has, but in WoW if you kill any main characters in any of the storylines (whether it be a large scale storyline or just a quest storyline) the individual you killed will respawn eventually so that someone else may come around later and kill them for whatever quest they're on. Is this the kind of thing you're talking about?

I assume you're not a fan of those sorts of things as it doesn't really fit a storyline or any type of RPG style since they eventually respawn.

Nate said...

Yeah that is what I was talking about.

I am not sure how this is going to work considering Bioware is touting this as an entirely story driven MMO (the first of its kind or something like that).

I suppose we can only wait and see and hope that if they do stay dead, there will just be different version of that person in someone's story line that is not your own.

Kara said...

I feel like someone was commenting on this issue on a podcast I listened to recently...but I'm not sure if it was this game or a different MMO. I know people have complained about that aspect in WoW in the RP realms.