Monday, August 24, 2009

WAIM: August 23, 2009 - Shadow Complex Edition

I started off the week by playing a little Fable 2 (prior to the Fable 3 announcement). I started a new hero and I played a little bit of co-op (got myself some cheevos) with a friend from work. I proceeded to use the gold that I was getting from him (I was in his version of Albion) in my game to buy up the entire gypsy camp before I even left to go on my first adventure.

I dabbled in a bit of Beyond Good & Evil but I did not really make it anywhere seeing as I may have played it for a total of fifteen minutes. I think the next time I will play this game will be when I finish Batman: Arkham Asylum, which drops tomorrow.

What I have been playing most should really come as no surprise to anyone: Shadow Complex. I have played through it once and loved it but I am going to play through it at least once more before I grace the game with what will probably be a glowing review. As always I do not want to say too much that I could just say in the review but you must play this game. At the very least, give the trial a shot. The game has made me want to check out some Metroid and Castlevania games out so I'll let you know how that goes. Perhaps the Metroid games are on the DS and I know that Symphony of the Night is on XLM.

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