Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts: Fable 3 Announcement

I know that the Fable III announcement came last week after that countdown that I made such a big deal about. I then failed to make the post after the news actually dropped or on any subsequent days after that.

I was convinced that the countdown could not have been for Fable 3 because the theme did not seem right but after seeing all of the new ideas (talk about those in a second) I see that I was mistaken. I also did not think that it could be Fable 3 because games are not announced like this any longer, they are usually announced the year that they are coming out, but seeing as this game is slated for holiday of 2010 I see that I was once again mistaken.

But now actually on the the real meat of the announcement:

First we have this awesome teaser trailer:

And second we have the few details that Peter Molyneux carefully let drop:
  • You are going to be the ruler of Albion and your decisions, now matter how grandiose or minute, will affect your entire kingdom. The story is set five decades after Fable 2 and you are your hero's (from Fable 2) child. You can be a just ruler or have your kingdom on the brink of collapse.
  • There are two touted new mechanics, called Judgement and Touch, that will further the Fable 3 gameplay experience. Judgement will allow you to judge individual situations and crimes that take place in your kingdom; the system will ultimately decide what kind of kingdom you have, just or unjust. The new Touch mechanic will replace the expressions system and will finally allow your hero to interact with NPC's.
Everything sounds promising and I am happy to see that the Lionhead is going to continue to innovate their already amazing Fable series. I am looking forward to more details and you can be sure that you will find them here once I hear of them.

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