Thursday, September 24, 2009

WAIM: September 24, 2009 - Too Much Gaming, Too Little Blogging (Road to Recon pt2)

It has been a week of one-hundred percent Halo gaming one-hundred percent of the time. Other than attending a wedding over the weekend (congratulations to Matt and Jamie) I have been strictly playing Halo 3 multiplayer (for the Road to Recon "feature") and for the past couple of days ODST has been occupying my 360 drive.

I have been trying, and failing, to get to the rank of Lieutenant in the "new" EXP system. I have been failing mainly because I did not know that you need fifty experience points in any playlist to attain this goal. I currently stand at forty-one EXP in the social rumble pit playlist so I can say with some conviction that this achievement will be mine in the coming hours/days.

I managed to nab the Vidmaster: Brainpan achievement last night after finishing up the campaign of ODST. The ones on Citadel and Longshore were annoying finds but the one on Heretic is a cinch.

I always manage to forget how much I love the Halo series when I am not playing it but I am glad that I have such a deep appreciation for the games. I know that it is the Xbox's most popular game and the truth is - this is not without reason - these games are fantastic. Bungie puts all of their care and love into these games and you can truly feel this oozing out of every well crafted detail of the Halo universe. Halo, as an entity, makes me proud to be a gamer.

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