Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Facebook Update for PS3 or Firmware v. 3.10

Other than the first time I hooked up my PS3 to the internet this will be my first official firmware update for my PS3. I know, riveting.

This update will include the ability to have your Facebook news feed update every time you make a purchase or unlock a trophy on your PS3. These features can be turned on or off so those who worry about spam can take a deep breath.

Personally I feel that this accomplishes what Raptr accomplished for the Xbox scene only it is built directly into the UI. I would be up for a seamless integration on Twitter as well while we are at it. And then while we are at that let us have the same experience built into Xbox's new Facebook and Twitter apps. Twitter and Facebook right now are just novelties on the console but it is still welcome in lieu of no updates at all.

This update also improves photo browsing and allows you to change the color of your PSN ID card. Check out the video originally posted on the Playstation Blog for more details:

Lastly this update should be available for your PS3 so go check it out if you have not already.

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