Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E309: Project Natal thoughts

So the Xbox team announced their answer to the Wii - probably too late to matter - three years after it (the Wii) launched. The question for me is will it matter to me and other "hardcore gamers"?

I think it is possible for it to matter to me. It could make racing games fun (I am not willing to invest in a wheel). Maybe, like I said in an earlier post, it will be compatible with Joyride (though I still doubt that it would be as interesting as people find/will find Forza 3). Natal working with Joyride would be the natural progression of where my mind takes me.

It would make menu browsing fun but that would last for five minutes or so before it got annoying. It would be interesting to see it work with an FPS but somehow I do not think I will be playing Halo 3: ODST with Project Natal anytime soon. It is not really a question of whether it would work (because if it works as well as they are making it look like then it could do most things) but whether it would be fun. I do not think many people are going to want to labor/work out in order to play a multiplayer match of H3 or GOW2. I think that, in the end, it looks like a good piece of technology but I probably will not be able to justify the 100 or so dollars that it will probably cost.

Now about Milo, I do not find the boy creepy, like most do, but I am finding it difficult to fathom how "he" would not become boring to "hang out" with or how he would actually function like a game that I want to play.

Now the piece of technology itself, Project Natal (the camera), looks awesome and I would just want to have it in front of my television so people could tell me how awesome it looks. It would be fun to have people who do not play Xbox to ask what it was and then be able to show them. But that is just it, right now, it just feels like a novelty.

The Verdict: Unless I see something that completely sways me in the opposite direction it is probably not made for me.


tommy said...

is it going to be made for every country because i might buy it

Nate said...

I do not think that they spoke about specifics but what country are you from?