Thursday, June 4, 2009

NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I want this. Period.

I have the DS version and I played it to completion (collecting every coin and unlocking every whatsit). It was a fantastic little game that brought back a sense of nostalgia that one does not often get to experience in video games these days, and people still buy it as the staple game when they first pick up a new DS. The versus mode on the DS was also great allowing you to fight for coins against Luigi (which I was notoriously good at).

The Wii version looks to be the same game, mostly. It has the same music, the same look and feel, and most of all it is just as cute. Of course, it will look to add some new abilities for Mario, namely, the, as I will dub it here, the penguin freezing suit. It looks like it will have that same coin-dueling multiplayer and overall it looks to be a pleasurable romp. It is possible that it will be that staple game for picking up with a Wii - at least it will be for me - provided the game is longer than the DS version or priced accordingly if it is not.

I do not get excited for many Wii games, as I still do not own one, but I am excited for this. Just one more reason to own a Wii.


cindy kowal said...

i was wondering if it was okay to get a wii for our's a gift for both of us.

Kara said...

Is there online multi for this? If so, I might have to buy it for Kelly's Wii if you guys get it. lol