Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Life Well Wasted

Now, I'm not sure how many of our readers are fans of podcasts, but I have been a huge fan for the past year or so since I initially discovered them on iTunes (I know, I'm a little late on the game on that one). They're especially glorious for me considering I have a 30 minute drive to and from work each week day and after a while music gets a little boring. They also make the time go a bit faster during the work day.

I'm always looking out for new podcasts. Most of my podcasts are either politics related or video game related...well, video game and other nerdery related. This morning I was searching iTunes for the IGN podcast our friend Matt was one. During my search I saw a few other promising podcasts so I subscribed to a few of them. One of them was A Life Well Wasted. I don't think I read much of the description, but I subscribed and listened to it on the way to work this morning.

I have to say, this is quite possibly one of the best and most innovated video game podcasts I have ever listened to. If you listen to any video game podcasts you know that most of them are just about what games are coming up, what the podcasters are playing, what they like or don't like, etc. It's sort of just a discussion of the timeline of games coming up in the future. This is fine and dandy with me and I definitely enjoy it, but most video game podcasts are all the same and the only true difference is the characters. Essentially, all it comes down to when choosing is "who do you like more?" "A Life Well Wasted" is completely different. It's essentially a "This American Life" of the video gaming world. Robert Ashley chooses a topic for the podcast and compiles interviews with different individuals and their opinions. So far I have only listened to one episode, but I'm hooked. It's definitely refreshing in a video game podcasting world where everything is essentially the same. Crazy props to Robert Ashley for coming up with such an amazing idea.


Matt said...

The podcast I appeared on is called Game Scoop in case you still want to hear it, haha

Nate said...

A life well wasted was fantastic.