Monday, June 14, 2010

Alive and Kickin': A Michael Jackson game!

I will be the first to admit as a small child, I unabashedly loved everything that Michael Jackson had created. The dance moves that he could do left me in wonder, and when Michael Jackson passed away as of last year, the nation mourned the performer. From various articles posted, we have learned today at E3, that Michael Jackson's likeness will be added to a game shortly for all platforms in a "karaoke" style video game, where you gain points by choreographing his dance moves.

Within the game, there is hinting of dance as well as singing portions of the game, allowing you to put on your shiniest white shoes and gloves and mimic the great pop legend, either with family or friends, or all by your guilty lonesome. For a conference centered this year on mostly action games and long awaited sequels, this game could be a very heartwarming and new experience.

Ubisoft hopes to strike big and I believe that this is one game that will sell almost as well as a Guitar Hero type installment. The game is scheduled for a holiday release as of this year, that could possibly coincide with an album of unreleased Michael Jackson work.

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