Monday, June 14, 2010

Medal Of Honor

The game takes place in War-Torn Afghanistan.
EA did a LIVE 24-player software demo of a mode called Team Assault where you fight to reach points on maps based on real locales.

The gameplay feels like BFBC2 but the points and rewards are a little more in your face ala Modern Warfare 2.

The sound, look and general feel of the game all scream DICE and some of the sounds even sound like they were pulled directly from Bad Company 2.

One word: FANTASTIC.

The beta goes live June 21st and goes live even earlier for Gun Club members on June 17th.

There will be no question of my love for this game, how about you?

Expect me to be there with on October 12 2010. Expect to see me online this Thursday June 17th.

Here is the multiplayer trailer:

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