Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Metroid: The Other M premiere at E3

After three years of no sunlight for the Metroid series, and on a day when various games like Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong found their way back into our minds, Samus and her untitled ship will travel back into our hearts. The Other M, showcased with great graphics and a knack for edge of your seat Sci-Fi battles, will be launched into our hands on August 31st of this year.

What once again will amaze all of those in love with the Metroid style of gaming is how Nintendo continues to impress with the fresh and crisp graphical style that they continue to employ, working well with the systems graphical restrictions. The gameplay trailer even consists of some points of sidescrolling gaming that almost look as of those from the original Nintendo console.

The Space Pirates will continue to create a dutiful mission for Samus, as those who have been firmly linked to the game, such as Producer Yoshio Sakamoto have stated that although the game has been taking longer than originally expected to come out, that the crowd will be very pleased in what he been formed. From the trailer that was shown at E3 earlier today, it is going to be hard to deny that statement.

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