Monday, June 14, 2010

Initial KINECT games and partnerships announced

We all very clearly remember Nintendogs and Wii Sports, don't we? How about Playstation's upcoming EyePet? Well - and brace yourselves for this one - one of the first games announced by Microsoft for the KINECT AI camera is Kinectimals.

Kinectimals lets you play with 20 different pets including lions, tigers and cheetahs. Should it more appropriately Kinectikitty? Anyway this is not a product for those of us reading this and should occupy a five-year-old's time for at least a few minutes that is until they play...

...Kinect Sports. Oh come on! We just want these kids to just upgrade from their Wii and we can't do them any more credit than this? Guess not.

We can at least give these kids, the free-to-play (if that model still exists), Joyride back, right? Yes we can. The game has made the leap forward to become entirely gesture based and will likely be a launch game for Kinect.

Licenses that are infinitely more exciting than any off this: priceless. I mean Disney and LucasArts have showed their, perhaps exclusive, support for Microsoft's full body moving camera.

I just cannot wait to force push enemies using MY HAND.

[VIA USA Today]

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