Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Portal studio is still alive in 2011

The work of Gabe Newell is precise, well thought out, and yet always somewhat of a surprise. From the creation of two multiplayer giants in the Left 4 Dead series, and the inception of Gordon Freeman into almost every videogame player's vernacular, we have the little video game engine that could in Portal. In a game that was undershadowed originally in the Half-Life 2/Team Fortress/Portal boxset of games, the crew at Valve will be bringing back the Companion Cube and GLaDOS back for more puzzles and mind numbing fun as you attempt to help navigate through another assuredly short and sweet game from the Valve team.

What gives fans such a huge attachment to Portal was the futuristic and yet heartfelt attachment to various characters, and Chelle and GLaDOS will both be back for a featured game that will be showcased on PC,Xbox 360, and PS3. The game will launch at some point in 2011, and should help to bring puzzle gaming back to a heightened level of enjoyment. Although no gameplay was shown for the Portal 2 story, we do know the game will take itself on as a story hundreds of years after the original.

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