Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey

Warren Spector is excited for Disney Epic Mickey and he wants you to be excited as well. He is doing a good job.

This holiday we will be visiting the Wasteland in three different kinds of areas:

  1. Ventureland is a quest zone where you solve puzzles, buy tools and supplies, and use the paint and paint thinner mechanic. You have to dynamically change the world here to save it. Everyone will have a different experience and what you choose to do with this world will have various different rewards and consequences. To me, this sounds different for a Wii game.
  2. Action Zones were not gone into a lot but it seems that, and this is just going by the name, this is where you (Mickey!!!!) will fight the majority of your enemies.
  3. The travel zones are where you travel to a classic Mickey cartoon. The game becomes a 2-D side-scroller here.
Just going on what was shown at the Nintendo briefing this game looks fantastic. Disney is bringing the games this year. With Split/Second already doing well on the market Disney Epic Mickey looks to continue its stride of great games.

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